🔐Using DeFi Apps

Leverage our account abstraction feature to trade safely, yet freely. Your wallet to control all of the different accounts you have with August, but with our guardrails in-place.

Account Abstraction


What is it?

The accounts you have with August are all separated by trade / strategy as you read in our smart contract documentation. We wanted to enable users to use / manage their subaccounts without needing to stay in our app. Now, you can go to your favorite DeFi apps, and see the trades you have deployed on August, all while being able to come back and transparently see your entire aggregated portfolio.


Let’s dive straight into how to connect your subaccount via WalletConnect:

Find and open the “External DApp Connect” modal

Open a dApp your trying to interact with (for the sake of the example, we will be using Curve Finance)

Click “Connect Wallet” in the same way you always do

Click on “Wallet Connect”

Copy the URI by clicking the Copy icon or “Copy to Clipboard” text

Return to August Digital and paste the URI in the URI input field that has a “wc:” placeholder

Wait for an “Approve” view and click “Approve”

Watch the magic happen! Your subaccount is now connected

Common Issues

After performing a transaction, I see a “Denied” transaction. What does this mean?

  • A “Denied” transaction is August keeping you safe! For this account abstraction feature, we have to explicitly whitelist what apps and functions you can use, so if you see this on an app you’d like to use, please email operations@fractalprotocol.org or reach out via Telegram.

After signing a transaction, the third-party app shows a “Transaction Pending” state forever...

  • Don’t worry, your transaction likely went through! You can check the transaction in this “External DApp Connect” modal and then perform a refresh on the third-party dapp.

When trying to transact, there is never a wallet notification to sign anything...

  • Unfortunately, this inconsistency is out of our control. The transaction / approval will eventually come through, but sometimes Wallet Connect’s relay server is slow. You can either wait or we recommend you refresh both apps and connect from scratch.

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